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Welcome, and if you are knowledgeable of our Catrimani subject, had personal experience with the natives of the Catrimani valley '1929-2000 and of the 'Nape' [foreigners] who worked in that region, and, above all, if you own documents on our topic that are missing here, please, contact Matthew Tosello's e-mail!

This a very abridged version of my entire collection is a multi-language webpage available between 2009-2030. It is a non-scholarly "work in progress" offered as reference material. It focuses primarily on the Yanomami of the Catrimani Region of Roraima, Brazil and is a non-profit endeavor. This webpage remains available for editing until 7/7/2030.

Some of the goals for assembling and preserving this vast material are: to link the ancient Yanomami to their present fast  acculturation with the global village; to expand on their last 500 years of struggle to survive; the impact of both people who spent many year of their life at at their side and those who reported after short visit the Yanomami people. word reference documentation and sponsorship formulated since and beyond 2000. a: ‘non omnis moriar’:  we intend to preserve and make public as many records as possible on the Yanomami valley life, history, culture, adaptations to the ganging time and contacts with the rest of the 


An urgent appeal addresses former and new contributors to help enrich this website with their material! Contributors and their comments are always welcomed!

Warning: This website contains indigenous nudity and mature content which may not be appropriate for some viewers and unsupervised young audiences.  Parental discretion is advised. 

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